B&B / About Us

We are a company specializing in the shipment and distribution of bulk, dry, and liquid products serving the entire North American continent. Ensuring the delivery in tanks and enclosed trailers, we also have rail transshipment sites, located in Windsor and Saint-Hyacinthe in the province of Quebec.

Our History

We are a family business, recognized for excellence in transportation and delivery services since 1976. Having started our operations in Compton, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, the company is now firmly established with terminals in Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta.

In addition to haulage services, cross-border shipping, and intermodal transport, we also operate our own rail transshipment sites, from our branches in Windsor and Saint-Hyacinthe.

We focus primarily on the quality and reliability of the services we offer our customers. The company deploys a number of strategies to maintain our high standards, including advanced and continuing technical training for our team of professional drivers, mechanics, maintenance and administrative personnel.

In addition, we rely on a fleet of modern trucks and infrastructure which are on the cutting edge of technology to ensure the safety of our team and the merchandise under our responsibility.

In order to maintain our prominent position, the company makes it a priority to implement practices that meet the highest standards in the transportation industry and to cooperate with the Canadian and American security authorities regarding customs regulations.